Bagn Bygdesamling
Valdresmusea AS
Tyinvegen 27, 2900 Fagernes
Telefon (+47) 61 35 99 00

Bagn Local Museum 

The museum was founded in 1920 on the farm "Islandsmoen". It includes the farm itself, a saw mill, a flour mill and other furnished buildings. Exhibits include:
- Dølven school with classroom an teacher's home.
- Workshops
- Farm tools
- Working conditions in forestry.
- Composer Sigurd Islandsmoen (1881 - 1964)
- World War II an the battles of Bagn.


The National War Memorial of Bagnsbergatn

Bagnsbergatn is a farm east of Bagn. In April 1940 battles were fought in this area. German soldiers captured the farm and took 33 civilians prisoner. They were being held in the farm house when it was attacked by Norwegian soldiers. Fortunately, only one civilian was killed.King Olav V inaugurated this farm as a National War Memorial in 1986.

Directions: Follow the private toll road branching off from the main road (E-16) to Tonsåsen. The farm can also be reached on foot from the main road north of Bagn. The path is approx. 2 km long and passes through the battlefield og "Gråbeinshølet". Information about the battles is signposted along the path.